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Combining the best recipes and ideas from Peruvian cuisine with the finest ingredients from Cape Town’s bounteous natural storeroom and a deep passion for deliciousness.

A small, ever-changing menu honours the integrity and origins of the recipes while respecting the local harvest and environment.

Peruvian food is so much more than a hot new food trend. The sizzling new cuisine of the moment is also absolutely delicious and super healthy. From ceviche to tacu tacu and ribs our culinary adventure always ends at Destination Delicious.

Pisco Bar, upstairs from Keenwä, is a cocktail bar and party venue. Spoil yourself with the house cocktail, Peru’s famous Pisco Sour, and nibble on a tapas or two.



The Latest

  • Sardines: the simpler, the better!

    Sardines1We tried this catch of a fish with escabeche sauce but found that to be a slight distraction from the indescribable deliciousness of the fish.

    So the chef went and sat in the garden (to have a think and to choose some herbs). I am not privy to the exact recipe but I think I can taste: a splash of lemon, a brush of olive oil, a crush of garlic, a crack of sea salt and … Ummm … some fresh herbs …

    The jury is still out on the ideal companion for this perfect tapas.

    You can hardly go wrong with a beer, I think the perfect one for this being Miller Draft. We have got some in to test out this theory. All input welcomed.

    The possibilities with wine seem more interesting. Tradition might lean toward something frosty and dry (from our list perhaps the Flagstone Poetry or Springfield Life from Stone – both sauvignon blanc), but MC says we should crank up the volume and break some rules. How about a glass of Hamilton Russell pinot noir? And perhaps even plunge the bottle in a bucket of ice for 10 mins first.


  • Sundays in the City


    Open Streets Bree brought our neighbourhood to life on Sunday January 18 when they declared Bree Street closed to traffic and open for people. We are normally closed on Sundays but we opened for this special event and were glad we did. Keenwä was full to the brim and we were all running around like crazy serving a pared down menu of ceviche (special version made of tuna and mango) and our delicious streetfood platters.

    CartoonSoapBox2The only people who spoke their mind on our SoapBox were a few children on roller skates.

    Their agenda:

    • All cars should be turned into roller coasters
    • All streets should have special lanes for roller-skaters, and
    • More candy floss flavour (… ?)

    Oh well maybe next time we will have the fiery speeches about redemption and revolution…

    Open Streets Bree Sunday was such a lovely, chilled-yet-buzzing day; now we are thinking it might be nice to open on Sundays for cocktails, tapas and jazz.

    Any thoughts, ideas and suggestions would be very welcome. Mail me


    Car-free on Bree

    From January 16:

    MCQPfanwalk1OnTheFanwalk1Our neighbourhood is coming to life this Sunday and we will be there, Soap Box and all!

    People of all shapes and sizes will be taking over from cars and trucks on Bree Street for the day on Sunday January 18

    Pedestrians, perambulators, cyclists, unicyclists, skateboarders, stilt walkers, street walkers, hand-standers … you name it, will be claiming Bree Street, which will be closed to traffic for the day. And now, thanks to us (… insert drum roll here …) there will be a Speakers Corner (…insert: loud clapping…).

    We will be making our Soap Box available to anyone who would like to share thoughts, ideas, revelations or just general, mad ramblings. So please do come along to 50 Waterkant Street and be that exceptional man, woman or child who has the guts to stand on a soapbox and share their message or story.

       We are always happy to be exceptional … that is why we will be making an exception and opening on a Sunday (Yes I know it doesn’t mean that, you fool!) by opening Keenwä for lunch (midday to 5pm). Or maybe it is just because we can’t bear to miss out on the fun and games with 5000 people expected to converge on Bree Street!

    We will also be offering a knock-down bargain of a special: a portion of ceviche, delicious fresh fish cured in lime juice with just a hint of chilli, and a Pisco Sour, our house cocktail, for R80.

    TapasPlatter StreetfoodSkewersRocotos StreetfoodRibs&Corn

    We will be serving a paired-down menu of a few classics, including – kind of obviously – our delicious streetfood platters. These are kind of like tapas platters, large plates of lots of nibbles, great for sharing.

    We will be open from midday until 5pm on Sunday January 18. Book a table or a slot on the SoapBox 021 4192633, 0721279555.

    Open Streets Bree

    Carpe diem! Carpe Langa!

  • 2014: one sip at a time

    Glass of WhiteStreetfoodSkewersRocotosEvery so often the Keenwä tasting team drags a winemaker or two on to the dance floor for a little creative choreography. From Groot Constantia, Springfield and Durbanville Hills to Joostenberg, Hawksmoor and Flagstone the dances have been delicious, fun, mad, clever, cool … visionary even.

    Food and wine pairings are a great way for us to create great new taste combinations, explore new partnerships and introduce new wines to our regulars and our wine list.

     Caracal1From the carts, off the charts

    Wild cats … and a tame one

    Mixing it up with the Grande Olde Dame

    Those 3 magic words:Springfield Pinot Noir

    Surprise and delight with Durbanville Hills

    Joostenberg: a lot more than wine

    FlagstoneFlagstone: what a find!

     Hawksmoor: An enduring love affair

    HawksmoorWe were hardly in the saddle at Keenwä when this event was held. It was a wonderful introduction and has resulted in a strong and enduring love affair that helped us through the winter. Ooh baby it’s cold outside


  • Slowing it down on New Year’s day

    New Year’s Day lunch in Cape Town? Hmmm let me see … let’s slow things down a bit and stretch time out.

    MadXmasLilly3GoldIt has been a hectic few days culminating with Lilly Slaptsilli’s sell-out show on the 30th. It almost felt like we were eating on the run so we are going to drop a gear for at least a day.

    We will be opening Keenwä at 1pm on January 1 2015, slightly later than usual, and keeping the kitchen open until 5pm.

    Pop in any time for a quick Pisco or a bowl of ceviche, or settle down for a deliciously long and languorous lunch.

    Whether your New Year’s resolution is to spoil yourself, live every day like it is your last, eat only the purest/most decadent of foods, slim down or fatten yourself up you will find something that pleases you at Keenwä.

    Bookings: 0721279555 or 021 4192633.


    PS We will be announcing Lilly’s January show dates very soon. Watch this space


  • Famous Peruvian faces deportation from the UK


    Paddington bear’s prospects of success before an immigration judge in the UK are minimal, writes Colin Yeo.

    Read the full article about the famous, cuddly refugee from ‘Darkest Peru’ in the Financial Times

    FTPaddingtonScreen Shot 2014-12-08 at 09.42.33

  • Luxury tapas platters

    TapasPlatterPerfect for  lunch, after-work snack, dinner, late night nibble, you name it … a delicious tapas platter for two (ceviche, quinoa-coated prawn skewers, springrolls, rocotos,  tequenos, chicken and chorizo skewers) R250

    Wash it down with a glass of bubbly

    Pongracz R60/R230


  • Lilly Slaptsilli in SHE-nanigans

    Jan 2015
    - 6pm dinner; 8pm show -


    Lilly will be back onstage at Keenwä. She should be all rested up after her annual January retreat with Betty Ford. Early booking essential (as you all know) on 0214192633, 0721279555

  • Falling in love …

    Feb 2015
    - 6.30 dinner; 8pm show -

    Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 19.07.51

    Keenwä and the Rouge Revue bring you Tickled Pink, a Valentine treat that will make you swoon.

    JezzyRTP1Whether you have a date for Valentines or not, this feast of burlesque will have you totally smitten:

    ♥ Jezzy Belle: the sauciest of sirens with a voice like molten gold
    ♥ Lady Magnolia: all olde worlde elegance and charm, the troupe’s principal dancer embodies the goddess of love and sensuality
    ♥ La Belle Pique: a charming kitten of a cabaret star who has the audience lapping cream out of the palm of her hand
    ♥ Maiden D’nude: Straight out of 1920’s counter culture, she was made to be nude.
    PennyRTP1♥ Penny Pinup: Voluptuous, daring and sexy … we all missed Penny last time when she was away performing in Europe
    Music and lighting by ♥ Dear Mrs Panda

    Show starts at 8pm, join us for dinner and drinks from 6.30pm.

    rumour has it …

    Diners can expect a little something from Pongracz … like last time when the lucky person who caught Jezzy Belle’s scarf was presented with a magnum of bubbles.

    SOLD OUT Tickets: R130, booking essential, tel 0214192633 or via quicket



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