Combining the best recipes and ideas from Peruvian cuisine with the finest ingredients from Cape Town’s bounteous natural storeroom. A small, ever-changing menu honours the integrity and origins of the recipes while respecting the local harvest and environment.

Peruvian food is so much more than a hot new food trend. It is also absolutely delicious and super healthy. From ceviche to tacu tacu and ribs our culinary adventure always ends at Destination Delicious.

Pisco Bar, upstairs from Keenwä, is a cocktail bar and party venue. Spoil yourself with the house cocktail, Peru’s famous Pisco Sour, and nibble on a tapas or two.

The Latest

  • Darlings of food and wine


    OrmondeWinesRTP We had a gorgeous tasting with Hennie Huskisson, the winemaker from Ormonde in Darling, last night. He introduced us to some delicious wines and taught us his formula for judging grapes fresh from the vine. He uses this formula to give every grape an equal chance, a level playing field so to speak. He told us many stories about his experiences working in the Western Cape and in Margaux (That’s right! Margaux!), my least favourite being about the time, many years later, when the builders made off with his 1994 Margaux, payment he received for working a season there.

    One of the (many) great things about wine and winemakers is that there are always so many wonderful stories to hear. I have yet to have my curiosity satisfied about the story behind the naming of the Ondine range, inspired by the lost sister remembered as being like the water nymph of the fairy tale.

    But what about the food, I hear you beg …

    TiraditoRTPChickLiverPateRTPAngel and green mango tiradito: The delightful shocks and tremors that this dish creates on the tongue are met and raised a little by this gorgeously aromatic Semillion

    After that racy little number, expect to be lulled into gentle purring by the Chardonnay and peanut chicken breast with salad and honey and mustard.

    Think of the deliciously buttery chicken liver pate with the Pinot Noir as crucial acclimatisation on the way to the heavenly robust peaks of flavours of the Shiraz with quinoa and mushroom risotto with pork medallions.


    The !watermelon sorbet with a crumble of feta and a crack of pepper! puts the exclamation mark at the end of this journey.

  • Creative juices

    WatermelonSangriaWe might not be on the First Thursday’s Artwalk but that’s not because we lack creativity.

    Drop in for a glass of watermelon sangria (for just R10!) and have a look at work by three artists we love: Siwa Mgoboza, Shui-Lyn White and Carlos Orte



  • Famous Peruvian faces deportation from the UK


    Not sure what the latest on this is … but last I heard was:

    Paddington bear’s prospects of success before an immigration judge in the UK are minimal, according to Colin Yeo.

    Read the full article about the famous, cuddly refugee from ‘Darkest Peru’ in the Financial Times

    FTPaddingtonScreen Shot 2014-12-08 at 09.42.33


  • Food and wine … wedded bliss

    HawksmoorVines1We weren’t even at the house at Hawksmoor when the cooking up of plans started. Bunches of purple grapes hanging heavily off vines made us wonder what they would grow up to be … and what would we pair that with.

    HawksmoorEstate1By the time we got to the house at least one us was cooking up something else. Hawksmoor House is a very popular wedding destination and it certainly set our imagination on fire! I, for one, am ready to start applying pressure for a proposal.

    Come to think of it, it is probably a great place for a proposal too. Each gorgeously furnished room has a very specific charm – from the divinely styled to the heavenly chic. I can imagine coming back here and staying in a different, totally dreamy room, for so many anniversaries.

    But it is wine, not weddings, that we are talking about today …

    Hawksmoor is a boutique estate that stands out in so many ways. Mark and Simon have a healthy respect for history and tradition while being courageous and adventurous spirits and winemakers. They certainly cut their own path, but never through the ancestors’ graveyard.

    The environment is so beautiful you would be forgiven for thinking it could only produce sensational wines (and … ummm … happy marriages … nudge nudge).

    I won’t go on about the Wild Card we tasted on the day we visited (Pinotage 06) since there is none left (the bastards!). This one, Michelle’s favourite by a long way, comes with a great story of waiting till the last possible minute to harvest, long journeys and hot days.

    HawksmoorWinesI will, however, mention the Triginta (Shiraz 2011), of which we each had a thimble-full. Mark has promised to scratch around in the cellar and see if there is any more, but I fear that those of you who missed out on the 50 bottles we managed to secure last winter have Missed! Out! This Happy Accident is not likely to be repeated. Don’t let it happen again. We will be doing a food and wine pairing at Keenwä on February 18.

    Just to mention a few … the wine candidates include: Serliana ’13 and ’14 (chenin blanc from 30-year-old bush and trellis wines), French blend and Cape blend (don’t tell me you don’t know these beauties yet), 100% Mourvedre, Algernon Stitch (50% shiraz, 50% mourvedre) and maybe, just maybe … the Triginta (30 months! In French and American oak).

    Food candidates include: Gazpacho (cold soup of tomato, celery, vodka, black pepper); sardines with olive oil and rough salt and garlic; chicken and chorizo skewers; beef mince wrapped in blanched cabbage with fresh tomato and red pepper paste; lamb chops with mustard and chive crust served with green rice; watermelon sorbet with feta and cracked black pepper

    February 18: R295 for four courses and five wines. Booking essential, tel 021 4192633

    In case you missed it last year, here is what I said about the Triginta (Shiraz 2011):

    HawksmoorWilhelm Defries for Hawksmoor (Paarl region) made just 8 barrels of this delicious vino. I hate to say it but it looks unlikely they will replicate the recipe next time. For a number of reasons (happenstance rather than design) the wine was left in old French and American oak barrels for 30 months, longer than anyone might think advisable.

    The result of this ‘happy mistake’ is an unusually round wine that seems to give a little something extra with every sip. It is not clear if any of this vintage, the 2011, will make it on to anyone else’s shelves but Hawksmoor’s owners, Mark and Simon, were persuaded to let us have 50 bottles before they headed to Europe for the northern summer or research … or something. Our 50 bottles are disappearing fast!

  • Our Valentines


    Penny Pinup

    You are certain to fall head over heels in love with Tickled Pink, our Valentines show with the ladies from the Rouge Revue:

    ♥ Jezzy Belle: the sauciest of sirens with a voice like molten gold
    ♥ Lady Magnolia: all olde worlde elegance and charm, the troupe’s principal dancer embodies the goddess of love and sensuality
    ♥ La Belle Pique: a charming kitten of a cabaret star who has the audience lapping cream out of the palm of her hand
    ♥ Maiden D’nude: Straight out of 1920’s counter culture, she was made to be nude.
    ♥ Penny Pinup: Voluptuous, daring and sexy … we all missed Penny last time when she was away performing in Europe
    Music and lighting by ♥ Dear Mrs Panda

    To add some fizz to an already sparkling evening, Pongracz will be splashing some of that delicious bubbly around the place, as they do …


  • Latin Fridays at Pisco


    DJ El Fuego has promised an all-Latin night!

    salsa, merengue, reggaeton, bachata, cumbia, timba

    Ladies free before 11pm

    R40 on the door, R30 in advance: https://www.quicket.co.za/events/8066-loco-at-pisco/


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